Outbreak needed everything to be intuitive, the most important user interface that needed this would be the one players would have to constantly use, the controls interface when they’re actively playing the game. It proved to be extremely challenging with many iterations and trials as the game developed and we learned what we didn’t like and discovered new ways to improve the controls. At the very beginning, we had a basic set of controls, following modern shooters that were

What's Your Story?

The next feature the game needed during development was a compelling story that would tie everything together. A story at the very least would give players a sense of purpose and direction, it would play into their imaginations and engage them with a narrative that they could immerse themselves in. What us born gamers have known for a long time playing games is that we need to care about what we’re doing in a game and being engaged in a story fulfills that. But having a good


Developing the mechanics that would define the core experience of our gameplay was indeed a challenge, but we were ready to take it on and find a way forward. One core mechanic that took a lot of iteration were the zombie swarms, we had to test how many zombies was enough such that it did not cause the game to lag in realistic lighting and suffer low frame rates generally. The zombies and map had to be optimized as well to support the larger amount of zombies that we wanted.

Git Gud

We had very limited resources in the beginning but we knew we had to make something that was best suited to the available resources we had. We wanted a horror themed action game because who doesn’t love to shoot zombies? But it had to be different and fresh, so we dug deep and thought about what made us love games like these and it was the arcade we grew up playing at. Immediately we knew it was something worth creating, a zombie themed first person arcade shooter. But it was

So Close, Yet So Far

When we first set out to accomplish our goal of merging a quality pc shooting experience with the feeling of a live arcade, it wasn’t easy. Technical and creative solutions were hard to figure out but we eventually iterated step by step to get the experience and gameplay we had in mind. For mobile, there are a few major challenges to overcome. Graphical quality needs to be good so that we can be comparable to PC’s power. Zombie shooters are an established game genre on mobile

What Lies Ahead

Welcome to our developer’s blog. This is where we’ll share our personal journey throughout our game’s development and we hope you gain ....