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We had very limited resources in the beginning but we knew we had to make something that was best suited to the available resources we had.

We wanted a horror themed action game because who doesn’t love to shoot zombies? But it had to be different and fresh, so we dug deep and thought about what made us love games like these and it was the arcade we grew up playing at. Immediately we knew it was something worth creating, a zombie themed first person arcade shooter.

But it was of course not enough, we had to do better to add more value so how could we push the boundaries? We thought that having huge zombie swarms on mobile with realistic lighting on mobile would be a big feature.

Now what engine could possibly allow us to do this at a relatively low cost? We decided upon using the Unity Engine as it had a free to use option, which would lower our costs significantly.

Cost was not the only matter, it is rather straightforward to use which is important for efficiency.

When thinking about what kind of shooter it was going to be, the game was done like a first person shooter as the arcade experience was in first person as well so that was not a difficult decision to make.

We’ll be sharing more on how we developed the game in future posts. Remember to keep following our posts here!

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