• Randy Prabowo


Developing the mechanics that would define the core experience of our gameplay was indeed a challenge, but we were ready to take it on and find a way forward.

One core mechanic that took a lot of iteration were the zombie swarms, we had to test how many zombies was enough such that it did not cause the game to lag in realistic lighting and suffer low frame rates generally.

The zombies and map had to be optimized as well to support the larger amount of zombies that we wanted. Overall we did much testing to achieve the right balance such that the quality of visuals was not compromised just for pure efficiency and optimization helped to accommodate more zombies in the game.

Optimization was difficult, but not impossible. We reduced as much unnecessary things on the 3d assets as possible down to the point of vertice count for each model. This played a strong role in achieving good frame rates for the game despite having many 3d zombies coming for the player in a large swarm.

These techniques allowed us to keep our visual quality high as well as the frame rate. Follow us for more development updates in our next post.

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