• Randy Prabowo

So Close, Yet So Far

When we first set out to accomplish our goal of merging a quality pc shooting experience with the feeling of a live arcade, it wasn’t easy. Technical and creative solutions were hard to figure out but we eventually iterated step by step to get the experience and gameplay we had in mind.

For mobile, there are a few major challenges to overcome.

Graphical quality needs to be good so that we can be comparable to PC’s power.

Zombie shooters are an established game genre on mobile, there is a demand but we need to innovate and create a zombie shooter that is unique and interesting. We also require a compelling story to set us apart from many other mobile games in our genre who do not have a strong emphasis on story, that is one of our strengths.

We also do not have a lot of manpower, we currently still have a total of 3 persons working on this game. So indeed this was tough for us. We do multiple roles to make sure everything needed in a game has been fulfilled.

These challenges that we undertook are what started it all as we continue working to improve and update the game. There is lots to come.

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