• Randy Prabowo

What Lies Ahead

Welcome to our developer’s blog. This is where we’ll share our personal journey throughout our game’s development and we hope you gain some interesting insights from hearing what we have to say about working on our game.

First and foremost, we are developers but also definitely gamers. If we think back on our youth, I'm pretty sure there are many fond memories and experiences of playing games that have inspired us forever, sparking a passion for creativity.

The PC era has shown us that the best gaming experiences are on PC with the premium quality of graphics and incredible amount of complexity, depth and content that many games offer today. They of course exist alongside the console market which is equally if not more lucrative.

However in the recent decade, another market has appeared, the age of mobile gaming is here.

Smartphones are now without a doubt, the most accessible medium to play games in the world.

We believe that games on mobile have so much more to offer. Even though there are so many games in the phone market, there are still boundaries left to push, there is still unexplored territory in design, innovation and quality.

Especially shooters.

Arcades were home to the first shooters, you’d handle a plastic gun, aim at a screen and you were in for a wild ride. It was amazing. We would like to recapture that feeling once more and bring it to mobile.

There is definitely potential to create an immersive horror arcade shooter on the mobile platform. This is our vision for Outbreak: Dead Crisis and we hope you will join us on this journey to change the mobile market by showing them what it is truly capable of.

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