• Randy Prabowo

What's Your Story?

The next feature the game needed during development was a compelling story that would tie everything together. A story at the very least would give players a sense of purpose and direction, it would play into their imaginations and engage them with a narrative that they could immerse themselves in.

What us born gamers have known for a long time playing games is that we need to care about what we’re doing in a game and being engaged in a story fulfills that. But having a good story is usually not present in mobile games; in fact most do not really put in much effort into their story at all. This was a good opportunity to have something that is not common, a surprise feature to have.

The story would allow players to be able to see the situations that unfold from an outsider’s perspective; they would also meet morally ambiguous APEX Operatives on their missions.

We wanted to show that the characters you meet would behave and react differently according to the end of the world situation they were in; some would still have some sense of morality while others would throw it all away.

The best way to make the player involved in all of this was to let them play as the rookie character, a fresh new APEX Operative that had never killed a zombie before. This would show the true nature of everyone around you as they encounter and interact with you in the story. Their impression of the player changes as you exceed what they thought you were capable of.

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