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Outbreak is a first person arcade shooter inspired for mobile, gun down entire swarms of zombies coming from any direction. 

Can’t move? Auto-dash moves your position on demand;

the undead simply cannot keep up. 

Swap guns to reload instantly and smash zombies away

with a baseball bat!

Movement has been redefined with the auto-dash button;

you decide when to automatically move to your

next position. 

This encourages only strategic movement,

letting you prioritize aiming and shooting instead.

No movement controls necessary.

Our modern world has been ravaged by the zombie apocalypse.A mysterious pandemic has infected two-thirds of the global population but all is not lost, we are fighting back with an incredible mercenary force called APEX.

Play as Operatives of APEX, armed with lethal weapons and powerful abilities in an attempt to take back the world through overwhelming force and firepower. 


Outbreak: Dead Crisis Early access trailer

Outbreak: Dead Crisis Gameplay

outbreak dead crisis zombie shooter roof
outbreak slum horde early access
outbreak dead crisis action shooter mobile
dare to play? mobile arcade shooter horror

Triple fry games is a game studio located on a tiny island in South East Asia called Singapore.


Passionate about developing a Mobile Arcade Experience, the arcades of the 90s heavily inspires our creative work as we reimagine it for the mobile platform. We are backed by the core belief that a quality gaming experience can be obtained on mobile just as well as other traditional platforms.


Triple fry games seeks to explore and develop games for platforms that will have great entertainment potential and value for years to come. Some of these platforms include tablets and smartphones using Apple's iOS and Google's Android operating systems.


Our current in-development project is a zombie arcade shooting experience for the mobile market. It will be a first person shooter.


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